Live Radio Schedule

Tuesday March 10th 2020 9.00am – Wednesday March 11th 9.00am.

Highlights Below (timings may change slightly!)

Throughout the 24 hours, we will be taking music requests, playing games and broadcasting highlights from Stag Radio and much more!

9:15 LIVE Assembly from Pre-Prep with Claire Holly
10:00News with Jo Kent from BBC South Today and her sons!
10:30Silly games with Mr Mills!
11:00Live link with the author of ‘The Last Wild’ – Piers Torday
11:45 – 12.45Year 6 & 7 Sea Poetry with Miss Knight
13:30Eco Reps Starfish story
13:45Mrs Mudd’s Live Lounge Part 1!
14:30Sneak preview of ‘Wondertale’, the Senior Production.
15:00Live Honeypot Interview with Viv Carter & Jenny Grace.
16:00Year 5 – ‘Are you Smarter than a 10 year old?!’
16:45Year 3 – Springwatch
17:45Sneak preview of ‘Spellbound’, Year 4 production
18:00Boarders read the news!
18:15Kindergarten Storytime
18:30Zia Snow interviews her dad, Dan Snow!
19:00International Boarders teach their languages!
19:30Mr Mills Interview
20:00Boarders read bedtime stories!
21:00Mrs Mudd’s Live Lounge Part 2!
00:00Midnight Karaoke with Mr Hall!
01:00 – 06.00Games and Jokes
06:00Pony Interviews
07:00Mr Clarke reads funny poems
07:30Dan Snow phones in to the studio!
08:00 – 09:00The Final Countdown!