How to listen

Our school radio station is distributed as a podcast. This means you can listen to any show, whenever you like.

Please like, subscribe or follow us so that new episodes are delivered to you as soon as they are made available. Some services such as Apple Podcasts allow you to leave a review, which will also help us to get noticed.

You can playback on a number of different devices and apps. Here is a selction of some of the most popular ways to listen:

Open the Spotify app on your phone/tablet or computer and search for ‘walhampton’.

Apple Podcasts App
On an iPhone or iPad, open the Podcasts app and search for ‘walhampton’.

Amazon Echo Speakers
You can listen on your Echo Speaker using the Alexa App. Click here to watch a video on how to find us using the Alexa app.

Amazon Music
We are available as a podcast on Apple Music here.

Radio Public
If you use the Radio Public website to listen to your podcsats. We can be found by searching for ‘walhampton’ or click here for a direct link.

Stitcher is another a popular app to listen to spoken word news and entertainment from all over the world. Find us on Stitcher here.

Acast is Home to the World’s Best Podcasts. Playable on the web, Apple Carplay and via the free Acast app for iOS and Android.
Click here to listen on Acast

On the Web
How to find us: Open up your web browser on any computer or smartphone and navigate to

Other Apps or services:
If the app you are using is asking for an RSS feed. Please copy and paste the address below: