Mr Miell’s LIVE 24 Hour Radio Show (2020)

This event has now finished. Thank you for tuning in.

For audio highlights, please check out the Podcast pages.

For video and photo highlights, please take a look at our school Instagram page and choose ‘Stag Radio’.

A Message to everyone who donated:

Dear everyone who donated to Walhampton’s 24 hour radio marathon,

Words cannot express how grateful everyone at the Honeypot Children’s Charity is feeling today for your generosity. Thank you so much to each and everyone of you who donated to keep Mr Miell going through an amazing 24 hours.

Thank you especially to those students who gave their pocket money and chores money. What a wonderful gift you have given children who are looking after someone they love – the chance to have fun, take a break from that caring responsibility and simply have fun being a child.

I thought you might like to hear some feedback we received from a little 8 year old boy, a young carer from Bournemouth, who comes to Honeypot House for annual respite breaks. He said: “The best bit about being at Honeypot House was being able to play with my cars on the floor.”

This little boy lives with his Mum in one room that is their bedroom. The only floor space there is around the edges of the bed….which is crammed with all their belongings. For this little boy, having space to play is his dream. Honeypot provides this for him every year, along with visits in his local community by our outreach team, a birthday card and a Honeypot Christmas present.

The total keeps rising as donations are still coming in, even though the live broadcast finished over 5 hours ago, but currently stands at an astounding £11,200. This phenomenal amount is enough to fund a full year of support for 21 of the 33 Honeypot children currently living in the Lymington And Pennington area. I know I said it a lot on air, but this really will make a huge difference to these young carer’s lives. Thank you.

Best Wishes


Viv Carter | Regional Community Fundraising Officer

Tuesday 10th March 9.00am – Wednesday 10th March 9.00am 

Seb Miell will be hosting a live 24-hour radio show on Walhampton School Stag Radio with different guests and games throughout in aid of Honeypot Children’s Charity. 

Tune in to listen and donate for an amazing cause. Please give whatever you can, it is hugely appreciated and will help to keep me awake for the full 24 hours!